U13B, U15B & U18B Community Program Description

Open for players born in 2007 (U13), 2005/2006 (U15) & 2002-2004 (U18)


  • This program will include one gym session (day TBD) per week at an HCU area gym. They will participate in the Nova Scotia Soccer League (NSSL) and play weekly 7v7 games in the Halifax Regional Municipality.  Weekend games - day TBD by league.
  • The program will be 18 weeks in total, with eight weeks of training from October 21st - December 15th and ten weeks of programming from January 6th - March 13th.
  • There will be a three week training break from December 16th- January 5thfor all teams.
  • Coaches will be required to obtain the Soccer 4 Life Coaching Certification in order to become a Head Coach in the U13-U18B Community Program.